Beyondbeing works to develop individuals, teams and organizations so they can confidently take on complex challenges as well as find and make the best of opportunities for growth.

Services include:

  • Executive and Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Executive Presence
  • Succession Planning
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Strengthening Communication
  • Managing Conflict
  • Values-based Culture Change
  • Employee Engagement
  • Strategic Planning

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Coaching provides clarity, accountability and results that lead to behavior change and improved performance so leaders can realize potential and make their greatest contribution.

We work with clients to amplify success for:

  • Leaders at the "top of their game," so they can fully realize their potential
  • Leaders in new positions or with new responsibilities
  • New leaders
  • Business owners and their teams

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Combined Coaching and Training

Contact us to learn more about this dynamic and transformational combination of individual and group coaching.

Culture Change

The culture of an organization is a direct reflection of the values and beliefs of the leadership as demonstrated by their decisions, actions and behaviors.

Research shows that organizations with a strong culture, based on a foundation of shared values, out-performed other organizations in areas such as attracting and retaining talent, job satisfaction, and level of innovation achieved through employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Contact us now to learn how focusing on shared values moves organizations more quickly toward a desired culture and results.

"So many would-be coaches or career development consultants offer superficial or abstract advice that does little good in the end. Not Elaine. She persists in keeping the focus on concrete efforts that have meaningful impact on my business - and personal - growth."

~ Business Owner


Team Development

Are your employees stepping outside of their comfort zones to reach their potential? Is your team stuck in cycles of conflict and ineffective communication that drains the organization? Learn best practices so individuals and teams can contribute fully, with these customizable workshops to create and sustain positive change:

  • Effective Communication and Managing Conflict Dealing with conflict on a regular basis is draining (and not productive!). Learn how to strengthen communication and manage conflict so you and your teams can direct their energy to the important work at hand.

  • Strengths Based Leadership Discover and use your strengths, so you can use them more often in the work you do. Find the diverse strengths in others and put these strengths into action with clients and employees. Research shows that organizations that cultivate employee strengths have greater engagement and profitability.

  • Team Building - Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Teams function at their best when they have the skills and desire to drive for results together. Trust is at the heart of high performing teams, along with an ability to invite healthy conflict. Team members are comfortable being in uncomfortable situations and discussions because they have the skills to manage challenges and embrace opportunities. Top teams are focused on "We" instead of "Me." Team members are committed to team decisions (even when they don't agree), and they hold one other accountable.

Contact us now to learn about our approach, and how we can help.

Strategic Planning - A Systems Approach

Leadership teams know the importance of developing a strategic plan that is both aspirational and achievable. Beyondbeing facilitates a unique strategic planning approach that helps organizations move from good to great, or great to amazing.

In our strategic process, we explore your organization’s core strengths and opportunities to achieve your next stage of growth. Organizations will visualize, imagine and plan toward the future you wish to create, considering the strengths already present in your system.

Now, we invite our clients to join us on a two-day journey at beautiful Camp Joy to intentionally leave distractions at the office. Through our experiential retreat approach, your team will have the opportunity to come together to move from discussion to planning and walk away with a plan that is both clear and actionable.

Our workshop approach is engaging and energizing, as we utilize cutting edge methodologies to shift your thinking to move to the next level of strategic success.

"This is exciting. It's clear that we already have what we need to be successful right here in this room."

~ Strategic Session Participant

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